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Anji chair industry layout Southwest market

2021-09-27 管理员 Read 1281

"So unexpected, and I did not expect such a high popularity of this show, take the 800 corporate brochures, business cards the first day of 1000 sent a four-fifths, we have deliberately limited the grant." Great furniture business manager Zhou Hui recently returned from Chengdu Furniture Fair, the show prospect confident, immediately he said that next year will continue to participate.


Led to the Chengdu Furniture Fair Fang Chaoyang County Business Council deputy party secretary, he said the first group entered the Chengdu Furniture, almost every enterprise harvest pleasant surprise, which greatly accelerated the pace of Anji chair industry layout southwest market.


12 chairs into the first half of Chengdu


Following Guangzhou and Shanghai, the two professional furniture exhibition, Anji chair industry has found a new and purely domestic exhibition platform.


In early July, County Business Council delegation Heng Lin, Yong Yi, rich and, Great and other 12 leading enterprises chairs debut Chengdu Furniture. Unexpectedly, the opening day, let this 12 used to see the large-scale exhibition at home and abroad enterprises Anji chair astonished.


"Show out of the door when they are waiting in a long queue, which can be rare in the current economic situation, and they are all domestic buyers and distributors in Southwest China." Hang Lin Furniture responsible person, this first impression Let exhibitors are looking forward to show results. After the show returned, the official exclaimed, "too bad, because do not understand this show, only went two salesman!"


Great furniture arranged for four business people to attend the meeting, Zhou Hui is one of them. "A long time not so busy show, and received abroad, introduction of products, discuss cooperation, has been busy 14:00 more than four people in a hurry to eat a lunch." Zhou Hui said with a smile, but business people liked this busy, more busy because it means that the higher the possibility of harvesting.


"Later query information to know, Chengdu exhibition known as the 'Chinese furniture domestic platform of choice', because the positioning minded, so almost all of its merchants from the southwest region, which is the other event, taking account of the export of incomparable." Zhou Hui He said last formal layout Botai domestic exhibitors intended to seek long-term cooperation of quality dealers.


According to statistics, every participating companies have received more than 200 customer intent card, information, each business staff feedback on the show scene based around 11 exhibitors have access to the exhibition site owner. According to the full participation of business owners reflects the effect on domestic trade exhibition in Chengdu than in Guangzhou Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition better.


Unlike domestic trade, bulk orders and direct orders in the case are extremely rare. When the show closed, 12 direct orders Anji chair corporate field sales and harvest of about 50 million. But the process allows exhibitors confidently: Simpson Thacher furniture, massage chairs bring the exhibits on the first day it was booked, more than 1000 copies of promotional materials to be "grab" a space, also received more than a dozen massage chair sample orders.


"And trade show is different, the domestic partner is a long process to find each other selected from the intention to cooperation, but also to be further contact after the show." Fang Chaoyang said, after returning exhibitors, should continue to maintain and intent customer communication.


Chengdu exhibition is only the beginning


Show enterprises to expand the market as the county seat of the main platform, has concluded the Chengdu exhibition is just a starting point.


"Late last year, we sent a letter to seek business delegation to participate in what the country hopes the exhibition, in addition to Guangzhou, Shanghai Exhibition, Chengdu exhibition is the first." Fang Chaoyang said that behind this letter is actually consulted chair domestic enterprises in the territory of the future .