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Anji chair regional brand image promotion plan curtain

2021-09-27 管理员 Read 969

Recently, the Hangzhou East Railway Station waiting hall of 8 120 square meters of the giant screen, scrolling from the "World of chair industry, Angelina made" 15 seconds videos, attracting travelers coming and going eyeball, gathered to watch from time to time.


The end of last year thanks to its power move made economic commission led by the county to build the Anji chair regional brand image promotion plan, currently has an important transport hub in Hangzhou East Railway Station, High Speed Rail Station in Huzhou, Zhejiang Xiaoshan Airport in northern export structures Chairs Regional Public branding platform.


County Development Economic Commission relevant responsible person said, this means that the domestic brands Anji chair industry cluster promotion strides cluster reputation once again "set sail."


Brand on the road, starting again


In recent years, with the development of Anji chair industry, the radiation effect regional brand building initially apparent. 2013, the county regulations chair industry enterprises output value reached 15.4 billion yuan, accounting for the county's regulations Industrial Enterprises 35%.


However, the growth in grassroots Anji chair industry in the development process also accumulated a structural and quality of conflicts, low industrial level, innovation is not strong, export dependence, factor constraints exacerbate problems have become increasingly serious. 2012, Angelina was identified as Zhejiang industrial clusters demonstration zone regional international brands pilot units. "You could say, Anji chair industry is currently in the promotion of regional brands, the key opportunity to build the base of the World chair industry, the creation of regional public brand is an important way Anji chair industry transformation and upgrading." County Development Economic Commission relevant person in charge.


Furthermore, chairs this industry leading backbone enterprises increasingly urgent desire independent brand, is now a wide range, advancing the brand system, has beneficial Hao, Roland and other companies in major cities by means of "anti-aircraft artillery" and other platform to promote brands Case, the Chinese Famous Brand, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, and other brand name products certified, qualified enterprises more and more.


 However, the wisdom of the wise and can be implemented in only a few. Admittedly, in the hundreds of chair industry enterprises, the majority of enterprises of the brand awareness of the role and significance of a license is shallow, and did not put enough resources to develop and implement brand strategy. International business companies registered trademark of the county seat, to protect more weak trademark in 2012 the county 283 chair industry export enterprises, only 26 registered abroad.


"So, Anji chair regional brand-building industry is particularly important, the county in recent years by setting up shop image Anji chair industry in a variety show, in high-speed intersection launched anti-aircraft artillery advertising, etc., but the gathering to promote the image of the external or slightly significantly less. "County Industrial Development Economic Commission chief Zhang Yong said.


Fist attack highlights efforts


After much research, the County Development Economic Commission Industry Division and other industry management department found that, because the county chair industry products uneven regional brand building and image display brought a lot of adverse effects, reducing the visibility of chair industry products and Sales.


"Select the Hangzhou East Railway Station, Huzhou high-speed rail station, Xiaoshan Airport largest flow of people, and from abroad to build up to block traffic hub Anji chair industry to promote its platform, without losing the best way to promote regional public Anji chair industry brand." Zhang Yong think .


Thus, the County Development Economic Commission with the latest industry restructuring plan in Zhejiang industry leading group, make full use of financial support and subsidy policies for the county to build a regional brand, in cooperation with leading domestic high-speed rail operators Yongda media advertising, regional brand building.


"According to statistics, Hangzhou East Railway Station daily traffic of about eighty thousand people, when the peak holiday period, the average daily traffic can reach two hundred thousand people, while Hangzhou East Railway Station as Asia's largest high-speed rail station, radiation to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, there are about three million visitors a month to see this ad, "Yongda media operators responsible  chenjinhui said that from the beginning of the end of 2013, Yongda on cooperation and Angelina County Development Economic Commission, an official in the Hangzhou East Railway Station, High Speed Rail station serving Huzhou Anji chair regional brand advertising.


In addition, in order to broaden the external promotion of form, County Development Economic Commission still Xiaoshan Airport Expressway, Anji Avenue and other places, and establish the ad "anti-aircraft artillery," played "Anji chair industry enjoying healthy" brand slogan, so that passing vehicles can be a Identification of industry characteristics and visual identity Anji chair industry.


Zhang Yong said that the regional and international branding program just the curtain, the next will explore more effective advertising effect radiation pattern, played special cards, make Anji chair industry truly regional brand strength of industrial clusters.